You Can’t Learn to Play Basketball By Watching a Video

Whether playing in a local pick up game or competing professionally, every basketball player learned by practicing with an actual basketball and hoop. No one merely watched a video or read a book and started competing. So why do some companies think their employees can learn to manage their finances with just financial wellness education (books, videos, seminars and webinars)? To be a proficient financial player, employees need personalized tools that track and encourage progress, personalized education that focuses on their weaknesses, and a coach to train and guide them along the way. BrightDime develops strong financial players that can compete for the rest of their lives.

Before BrightDime

The Proverbial Basketball and Hoop
Think of BrightDime’s spending and budgeting tools as the proverbial basketball and hoop. Without understanding spending and budgeting, people will find it difficult to reach their goals. BrightDime offers additional tools like goal setting, net worth monitoring, investment analytics, debt management and balance sheet management. Think of these as learning to dribble through your legs and hitting a 3 pointer.

After BrightDime

BrightDime coaches know when to be tough, when to teach, and when to show empathy. They motivate and educate. Our coaches reinforce the positives, correct the negatives, and create a financial plan that get employees on a path to achieving their goals. In the end, employees feel more confident and less stressed about their financial situation.

Financial Education
Seminars, webinars and articles about sound financial practices are most effective if the employee can apply these to their own life. BrightDime’s tools and coaches enable the employee to apply this knowledge in real time.

BrightDime is making financial wellness a lifestyle for everyone.

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