It’s National Coaches Day!

“Coaches are highly qualified teachers—in highly specialized fields. But more than that, they are friends and counselors who help instill in their players important attitudes that will serve them all their lives.”

This is how then President Nixon described coaches when declaring October 6 to be “National Coaches Day” in 1972. While he probably didn’t have financial coaching in mind at the time, we couldn’t agree more with the sentiment.

Our financial coaches are indeed highly qualified, there are plenty of letters that come after their names; CFP, CFA, CEBS, and more. But those aren’t the most important qualities they possess. It’s their empathy and their desire to help others gain the skills and confidence necessary to take control of their own financial lives that matter most. We’re justifiably proud of the work our coaches do on issues ranging from debt reduction, to wage garnishment, to retirement planning, to preparing to buy a home, and more. But rather than go on and on we think it would be best to let those with firsthand experience working with BrightDime coaches, our users, explain it:

I needed someone to consult with but didn’t know where to turn. Just when the stress became too overwhelming and I was ready to call it quits, BrightDime was my voice of reason

For every question I had, they were there to guide me down the right path and give me a thorough explanation of why they believed it would be the best action to take. With their help, I felt very confident about the plan we put together.”

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