How to Motivate Your Employees To Save

How can you motivate employees to save in this current economic environment? In September, inflation was at 8.2%. Americans are dipping into their savings, not saving at all, and accumulating debt as a result. It’s definitely a challenging time for most employees.

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Establish Employee Financial Wellness as a Lifestyle

3 Effective Ways A financial wellness program can help employees reduce stress, improve their financial empowerment, and make better financial decisions. This leads to a more productive workforce and a thriving company culture. Establishing employee financial wellness as a lifestyle takes a little work, but…

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Financial Wellness: 5 Ways To Position It To The C-Suite

Preparing a Strategy is Key Employee financial wellness has exploded as a ‘must-have’ program for top employers to attract and retain talent. It is now regarded as a critical factor in individual employees’ overall health and is an important component of an organization’s growth strategy.…

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BrightDime User Testimonial

BrightDime has been instrumental in getting me started on proactively managing my finances. Never before have I had a unified view of all my accounts, budget and spending. This holistic view of my net worth and access to a coach has been extremely beneficial in making some…

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