A Real Employee “Thank You” Letter

I remember the first time I heard about BrightDime during a company-wide meeting. Now retired Charlotte Pipe CFO, William Hutaff, stood in front of us that morning and expressed his enthusiasm for this new benefit offered to Charlotte Pipe and Foundry associates. He was so excited about BrightDime, my interest peaked immediately.  Following that meeting, I went directly to my PC to browse the BrightDime website to better understand this new perk. 

After that day, I reviewed the website from time to time, but did not pursue any of the financial planning offerings.   Probably like most of us, I put financial planning on the “back burner” until necessary. Well, necessity came knocking months later when the interest rates dropped and shopping for a new mortgage rate seemed the right move financially. In today’s market, there are so many options when shopping for mortgage rates and so many different lenders, it can almost be overwhelming.  Which lenders are reputable? Who can we trust? How do we know we are getting the best value? That’s when I remembered BrightDime and immediately sought advice from this trusted source. 

During my first real interaction with BrightDime, I connected via “Chat” with Caleb. Caleb was extremely helpful and turned out to be an amazing resource for advice, with the financial expertise to answer my many questions. He answered questions, plus he offered additional information I had not considered, which helped me understand navigating the world of mortgage lending, giving me the confidence needed to comfortably move forward. 

Since then, I have explored the additional offerings of budgeting, establishing an emergency fund, getting organized, and one of my favorite tools of all, determining my net worth. I plan to delve into each of these, starting with “getting organized.” My first step will be to book a meeting with a Financial Coach at no additional cost to me. It is all part of this amazing benefit and is available at the most important financial time in the life of our family, as we send two grown children off to college! Thank you to BrightDime; thank you to Caleb; and thank you to Charlotte Pipe and Foundry for caring enough to offer such an important benefit to their associates. – Sherry

To learn more on how you can help your employees become financially secure: Contact Katie Rapley with BrightDime

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