Establish Employee Financial Wellness as a Lifestyle

3 Effective Ways

A financial wellness program can help employees reduce stress, improve their financial empowerment, and make better financial decisions. This leads to a more productive workforce and a thriving company culture. Establishing employee financial wellness as a lifestyle takes a little work, but it’s worth it.

Here are the most effective and innovative ways to establish financial wellness as a lifestyle for your employees.

1) Dismantle the culture of financial shame and break the taboo around money talk. It can be useful for leaders to share knowledge about finances that they wish they had learned sooner. This helps employees understand that they are not alone, no matter how much their peers make.

2) Provide an ongoing engagement strategy customized to your employee population. There are a number of approaches that improve financial wellness engagement: incentives, employee testimonials, games, email communication, videos (even creating TikTok videos can make learning approachable and fun), bundling with other well-being programs, and financial benefits such as HSA, FSA, and retirement programs.

3) Offer webinars and fireside chats (short interactive video calls). Employees should have options when it comes to their financial empowerment because everyone learns differently and has different financial needs and interests.

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